* No-one wants to pay more for storage than they need to and as such here at Knightcott Self Storage we feel that some of the following tips will help you to pack and store more efficiently. This will save time packing and money when storing.

* Make a list of everything you intend to store. Note which items can be taken apart for easier transport and reduced storage costs.

* Keep all your essential items (Keys, mobile, wallet and medication) in easy to find places.

* Start packing your non-essential items early. Extra clothes, paintings, ornaments etc. Garages and lofts are a good place to start.

* Don’t wrap precious items in newspaper as the print can rub off.

* Take care when stacking plates. These can be heavy and the bottom ones can break; instead wrap them in paper and pack them on their ends. Glass panes should be stacked upright.

* Label all boxes clearly including the room to which they belong as this will help when retrieving goods from storage as well as save time when unpacking.

* Avoid unpleasant retrievals by cleaning your garden equipment before storing.

* Store large and heavy items at the bottom

* Use the spaces in drawers and wardrobes to store boxes andpaper work to save space and storage costs.

* If you are going to need access to certain items during theduration of the storage period keep them nearer the door.

* Protect furniture with dust sheets and wrap table and chair legs to prevent scratching.

* Remove batteries from electrical items

* Store heavy items in smaller boxes where possible to make lifting easier and store china and other breakables in stronger cardboard boxes wrapped with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

* Make sure that fridges and freezers are fully defrosted to avoid water damage and where possible leave the doors open to allow ventilation.

* If more than one person is going to need access to the unit use a combination lock

* Calculate the value of what you have to store and arrange insurance cover. This can be done through Insurastore by clicking on the left hand image.

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